About Us

ClutterBrain is a small book and software publishing company established during the winter of 2018. Though we may be small, we make up for it with out-of-the-box thinking. Rather than proliferating the usual ideas that have been spread, we aim to print eclectic thoughts that are unique to the genre.

Whether you are the type of person that prefers to sit at home curled up on a couch with a cup of tea, or you prefer to read on-the-go using electronic media like laptops, here at ClutterBrain we have you covered. Books come in a variety of formats so they accommodate all needs (i.e. Phone, iPad, Kindle, etc.). We are a publisher for the modern age.

It is our mission to stand by our authors by facilitating publishing services, turning their manuscripts into full fledged books. However, our mission does not end there, we go a step further by creating an ecosystem around each book we print. For instance, if an author writes a comicbook, we also assist them in creating merchandise centered around the characters of that comicbook. This is how we show dedication to our authors and appreciation to our fans.